Application of small independent solar battery system in lamp power supply

Application of small independent solar battery system in lamp power supply

(1) Navigation light

Navigation lights are navigation facilities for waterways such as rivers, lakes, canals, and reservoirs. Their main function is to reflect the waterway conditions that meet the needs of shipping, and point out the direction and boundaries of economic and safe waterways to guide ships to navigate safely and quickly. Solar battery navigation lights have the following advantages: ①Reliable use and simple maintenance. It can withstand the test of strong winds of eighth, ninth, or even more many times. ②The brightness of the light is stable and the range is guaranteed. Reduce the labor intensity of navigation mark workers; improve navigation mark management level and increase the normal rate of lighting. The use of solar batteries as the power source of navigation lights is very common at home and abroad, with good results, stable and reliable.

(2) Railway signal lights

Railway signal lights are one of the indispensable important equipment to ensure safe and punctual operation. The silicon solar battery power supply of railway signal lights has reliable work, stable performance and good use. It satisfactorily solves the power supply problem of railway signal lights in stations without reliable AC power. Railway signal lights are of great significance for ensuring the safety and punctuality of railway transportation and gradually realizing the modernization of railway transportation. Its main advantages are: improving and stabilizing the display distance of signals, which is conducive to driving safety. In environments where terrain and weather conditions are very harsh, the use of silicon solar battery lights has stable power supply voltage, strong light reliability, and good continuity, avoiding the phenomenon of light-off, and increasing the display distance by about twice. With silicon solar cells as the power source, almost no maintenance work is required, and labor intensity is greatly reduced. The solar battery railway signal lamp system is composed of the following parts: ① silicon solar battery square array; ② battery; ③ power controller; ④ signal lamps; ⑤ power transmission line; ⑥ silicon solar battery square array tray, bracket and tracking device.

(3) Electric fence power supply

In order to develop animal husbandry and prevent grassland degradation, a scientific divisional rotation grazing system is used to replace the backward nomadic methods. The so-called zoning rotation grazing system is to divide a large area of grassland into several areas, with a certain number of herds and equal time, grazing by area in turn, so that the intensity of grazing will not be too high, which is conducive to the renewal and rehabilitation of the grassland. To “rotate pastoralism”, it is necessary to “divide areas” and use fences to enclose the various pastoral areas. There is a drinking point in the pen, and the herd is usually not controlled by humans in the pen, and only when the herd is transferred to the other pen in the plan. Most pastoral areas in China are located in remote areas with sparsely populated areas, far away from the power grid, and no AC power sources available. Therefore, they are a broad space for the promotion and application of solar cells. The use of solar cells can solve the power supply problem for small equipment in agriculture and animal husbandry.

The electric fence uses a high-voltage pulse generator to convert the current of the ordinary power supply into a high-voltage main pulse current and send it to the fence wire. When the horns of the livestock touch the wire on the fence, they will be shocked by the high-voltage current and quickly avoid it. In this way, the livestock will build up a conditioned reflex after being hit many times and will not dare to touch the wire on the fence in the future.

The basic principle diagram is shown in Figure 1.

Application of small independent solar battery system in lamp power supply
Figure 1 – Schematic diagram of the basic principle of electric fence

(4) Black light power supply

Pests are the main enemy of agricultural and forestry production. Eliminating pests and protecting crops and forests is one of the important measures for agro-forestry production. The main methods to prevent pests include biological control, biological control, and physical control. The use of black light to control pests is a physical control method. Its main advantages are: it can eliminate a large number of effective insect sources, trapped pests in a large number of species, large numbers, many females, and high egg holding rate; it can reduce the amount of pesticides, reduce pollution, and help protect natural enemies; it can save pesticide expenses, reduce labor, and reduce costs; it has very little damage to beneficial insects and natural enemies, and has no contradiction with biological control. The power supply of the solar black light lamp is composed of the following five parts: ① solar battery; ② storage battery; ③ DC converter; ④ black light tube; ⑤ bracket and insect collector.

(5) Radio, TV, and communication equipment power supply

The application of radio, television, and communication equipment in remote mountainous areas, scattered islands, and vast grasslands is very important and necessary. It is of great significance for the development of industrial and agricultural production, the improvement of people’s lives, the consolidation of national defense, and the strengthening of national unity. However, in these areas, there is generally no AC power available. Therefore, the power supply of these devices has become a prominent key issue.

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