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Solar Companies Gold Coast – Helping You Use Renewable Energy

There are many environmental concerns today. This affects people in many facets of their life, including energy usage. With the rising costs of electricity and other basic needs, it is no doubt that the trend brings prices to rise in the coming years.

Using renewable energy is beneficial to all. This is becoming a widely accepted fact supported by statistics and studies. It reduces your electricity consumption from the local grid which saves you money and cut dependence at the same time. That is why Solar Companies Gold Coast delivers and provides renewable energy solutions for your home.

Solar energy is among the types of renewable energy used today. It possesses the highest potential among other types due to the availability of the solar ray as the main source of power. Because most of Australia is either a hot outback or a warm scrub, these are both advantageous to families with houses situated on said locations.

Most houses are equipped with different sets of appliances a family needs. A modern family requires electronic gadgets, entertainment devices, as well as computers, apart from usual needs like air conditioners and refrigerators. This consumes electricity which can be costly and add to a family’s financial obligations.

To aid with reducing electricity bills, installing solar panels is a good option. It helps you use your appliances while saving money. If for instance, you spend less electricity within a certain period, your local electric utility company will decrease your balance. This is why using solar power could be a money-saving measure.

Apart from lowering bills, solar panels do not demand high maintenance or repairs. Despite its advanced feature, it does not have moving parts that is complicated to fix. This means you don’t need to worry about costly replacements, repairs or maintenance.

The simplicity of solar panels also has an added feature. Most panels cost around $ 700.00 or less, and most companies promise warranty of from 10 to 25 years. With your increasing monthly savings, this is an affordable and smart investment for your home.

Some parts of the country experience a wide difference on temperature. It drops at 15 degrees Celsius during the coldest part of the day, and shoots up to 35 to 40 degrees Celsius during day time. To deal with the wide variety, solar heaters are also provided. It gives warm water for people who can’t take a bath during cold temperatures. It can also power air conditioners to maintain favorable room temperature.

On places like New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania where the weather is cooler, feeling cold is an issue. Different kinds of health problems can arise because of the cool temperature. Solar water heaters can address the problem. With this simple device, living in cooler parts of the country, especially for middle-aged and older people, could be bearable.

Living with a renewable energy source in your home has different benefits. Aside from helping the environment, you are investing on a cost-effective unit that helps you save money in the long run. It also lets you do more and achieve more in life. Solar Companies Gold Coast is among the solar panel companies that you can trust.

The Full Cycle of a Solar Panel

In this infographic image, an illustration of the mechanical process of the solar panel will be provided.

Solar Companies Gold Coast

A.) Roof Mounted Solar Panels – These panels absorb the sun’s heat. The system can lower your electric bill with the production of solar energy. It can be used both for residential and commercial infrastructures.

B.) Inverter – It uses the conversion of DC electricity produced by solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity which is useful for your home and office.

C.) Electric Panel Also known as the “distribution board”, this is where the power is distributed throughout your home or office use.

D.) Utility Meter – An excessive energy produced by solar panel system will flow into the metered utility grid.

E.)Utility Grid – This is a national infrastructure that produces power to homes and offices when demand exceeds solar energy production.

Contact Solar Companies Gold Coast for solar installation today to cut expensive electric bills.


Solar Companies Gold Coast – Solar Panels as a Solution to Rising Power Bill

Is it possible that you can cut you regular power bill by 50 to 90%? Would it be probable that it can also protect homeowners from future increase rate? The answer to all your questions is yes. There is a solution to every homeowner’s yearning on saving money from paying electric bill with the use of solar panels.

Solar Companies Gold Coast helps every household to lessen their burden on paying surging power bill. The company is providing high quality solar panels that give the assurance of environment friendly and cost effective alternative energy source.

What is a solar panel?

Solar panels are commonly called solar PV or photovoltaic panels. PV captures energy from the sun to convert this into electricity that can be utilized in every household. The PV can be placed on your roof, adjacent building or mounted to frames on the ground in order to gain the greatest advantage from the sun.

So, how can Solar panel reduce power bill?

According to the Department of Energy, a solar electric system can provide almost all the needs of an energy-efficient home.  If you live in a typical Australian home, your energy consumption is around 18 kilowatt hours per day that is 25-50% of your average electric bill. Solar panels can store and produce energy more than what your daily energy consumption especially during the summer. You can save hundreds of dollars each year once you installed solar system in your home.

And how can they protect homeowners from future rate increase?

In every year power charge increase to 4% or more but once you already installed solar panels from Solar Companies Gold Coast in your home, you will be guarded with future increase rate. The sun will never charge for any rate since you are acquiring its energy for free. You will experience a great savings every year because apparently 10 to 20 years from now, power rate will be doubled.

Shifting to solar panels is easy with Solar Companies Gold Coast, the leading solar company that design and install only high quality solar system.

Solar Companies Gold Coast – Save Mother Nature With Solar Panels

The increasing human activity such as burning fossil fuels to generate electricity produce an increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide level that greatly harm our Mother Nature. The advancement of technology developed a method to minimize this pollutant; this innovation is called solar panels. Solar Companies Gold Coast

Solar Panels are device that captures and absorb energy from the rays of the sun which can be used either for immediate use or storage.  The most common type is the photovoltaic module; this type is composed of a number of solar cells combined to create a single panel for easy use and cost advantage.

Solar Companies Gold Coast is making this environmental friendly method possible by providing people photovoltaic modules. To help save Mother Earth and to answer to the surging demand to pursue on practicing living green, these company has provided this innovation. The current trend is that more and more people are spending on solar panels for its advantageous effect, not just for their own benefit but for the future generation as well.

Here are some more reasons why you need to invest on solar panels:

  • Eliminating Carbon Footprint-Your energy consuming habits manifest on your carbon dioxide footprints, which means, it measures how many carbon dioxide you released into the environment. A typical Gold Coast resident emits 20 tones of CO2 which is equivalent to 10 million tons a year.
  • Free from Fossil Fuel Sources- 90% of Australia’s source of electricity come from fossil fuel. There is an obvious demand of fossil fuel that is impossible to meet due to the current consumption growth. Solar panels can be produced domestically and in every kWh reduce the surging demand of fossil fuel.
  • Lowering Green House Gas– Having a photovoltaic modules in your home can lower greenhouse gas emission. PV modules replace coal-powered energy sources with clean, renewable solar technology. The reduction of greenhouse gas discharge will produce quality air supply and lessen negative impact to the climate change.

Solar Companies Gold Coast is helping every home, businesses or other buildings to make a difference.  Shifting to solar panels will assure you a safer and cleaner environment, without bringing harmful effects to the Mother Nature. Choosing the alternative method of generating energy will not only save the environment but also contribute economically. If you want to integrate quality solar panels in your home, Solar Companies Gold Coast are the best choice.  

Solar Panels Within Your Means

These days, solar panels are gaining more and more recognition. This is due to the fervent promotion of solar companies gold coast environmental adherents. Other than that, most countries are not backing up the notion to spread the truth about how pollutions and fossil fuels being abruptly losing their sources to facilitate and provide electrical energy. Aside from these alarming facts, acquiring solar panels at the comfort of your home or at your commercial establishments, you are to experience rewarding benefits such as electrical rebates granted by the government for being able to save some energy.

Buying brand new solar panels can prove to be a bit hurtful for your pockets, but in all honesty, every penny spent for installing your own power energy savers. So if you are interested in saving the earth, saving some cash, saving time and be rewarded greatly by your efforts, here are a few things you can do to get affordable solar panels.

You have three choices of which you can choose from, you can build your own solar panels (do-it-yourself), or look for shops that sell surplus solar panels or if you have no issues in terms of using second-hand items, get some used solar panels instead. What are the differences of these affordable choices? I’ll give you some vital input that you can make use of.

  • Do-it-Yourself Solar Panels

    With the right guidance, precise tools and careful research and administration of the acquired apparatus to make your own home-made solar panels. You can construct an alternative energy through a system referred to as off grid system. What you’ll need for to device are solar panels, charge controller, a battery bank and inverters, with the utilization of this alternative power you can power up a fridge with lessened electrical problems.

  • Second-hand Solar Modules

    From the term of being second-hand, please try to lower expectations that these solar modules are in tip-top shape. However, there are instances that you can be really lucky to get the chance of obtaining one.  You are able to get a hold of these 2nd hand solar panels by means of searching online for possible bargains of solar panels, famous sites that caters to this online business is at eBay. There are also listings that you can purchase your needed solar modules.

  • Surplus Photovoltaic Panels

More often than not these photovoltaic panels come from traders and sellers that are really in the surplus business.  These solar panels are most of the time the products and/or models that have not been sold-out and have become old stocks, but the perk here is that you are certain that they are manufactured and engineered by legitimate solar companies gold coast. You also have the option to choose factory-flawed solar modules and/or refurbished ones. In terms of the prices of these photovoltaic panels, you can look forward to prices that have been immensely reduced and also if there are defects, these are only minor and would not affect much with the productivity of clean energy.